The History of a Walnut Heirloom Box

the Horse Hill Studio Walnut Heirloom Boxes were inspired by a very tiny walnut box i bought on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy while performing there with the Martha Graham Dance Company around 1985. the Ponte Vecchio is a Medieval stone bridge that still has shops on it. The walnut I bought had a fine sterling edge around each half, a tiny sterling hinge and closure. i always wanted to make one with a leather hing and closure -and this is the end result of that dream.

it is not a box to open and close (as a pill box) but one to put something precious in side it and close it as a keepsake, or as i think of it – An Heirloom Box. below i have included a picture of a card i put together with Walnut Symbolism. You can see sample and custom Heirloom Box keepsakes in my Horse Hill Studio Portfolio.


to inquire about custom leather pieces for your home, cabin, barn or stable please contact Horse Hill Studio.

image courtesy of my dear friend Ariel who thought of me, and snapped this “Souvenir Walnut” pic at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.