Autumn Buttons

These are made from acorn caps and leather. —- last year i thought of this as i waited with my son Ashton at the bus stop where many acorns had fallen, some still with caps on. i picked several of the caps up but never really did anything with them until this summer (2014) when i incorporated one into a custom screen door handle. later, at my in-laws i picked up 60 or so beautiful acorn caps {my wife Jenny and her family were polite and did not say much about my fixation on acorn caps as our boys played in the yard and got lost in the forest}. determined to make these into buttons I spent time in “research and development” until i came up with something. during a second, rather impromptu, “research and development phase” i found out they also make a lovely scarf tie, modeled by one of my dear friends at 350 media. colors available – reds green blues and yellow.